Steele, Jodi
Originally from Canada, now living in Seattle.
Steiner, Sherry
Sherry Steiner Housatonic MA
Stenta, Gregory
Poet Gregory Stenta's work recently appeared in Numinous Magazine, and has appeared in other online and print journals. He graduated in June, 2010 from The University of Massachusetts at Boston with the degree of MFA. He currently resides in Singapore, and teaches Academic Writing at Singapore Management University.
Stewart, Nick
Author: Nicholas Stewart This haiku celebrates the art of the poet, or the composer. In writing words or composing music, he or she reimagines their past, which makes its presence felt on a new page. The human presence of words, or notes, warm the cold, blank space on which he or she works.
Stice, Lisa
Stickle, Ray
Ray Stickle is a writer with a day job and a small family.
Stillwood, River
I am a write in the Missouri Ozarks
Stinson, David
Stock, Judy
Finally retired from my day job, now I'm a full-time writer.
Stockman, Tom
Just a guy with nothing published.
Stone, Andrew
Andrew J. Stone sleeps with one eye open. This is a lie. Recent work has appeared at Danse Macabre and The Mustache Factor.
Streur, Russell
Russell Streur is a born-again dissident residing in Johns Creek, Georgia. His work has been published in Europe, certain islands and the United States. He operates the world's original on-line poetry bar, The Camel Saloon, catering to dromedaries, malcontents and jewels of the world at He cofounded Poets Democracy in 2010 with Christi Kochifos Caceres and is the author of The Muse of Many Names, The Petition to Free Zhu Yufu, and other works.
Stringham, Will
Will Stringham
Strong, Liam
Strunk, Lisa

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