Wallace, Michelle
Michelle Wallace is a writer-in-the-making who has embarked on a never-ending journey; a flash fiction junkie and poetry lover...
Walstrom, Audrey
Walter, David
Ward, Anthony
Hi, I would like to submit the above for your consideration in the hope that it may be of interest to Haiku Journal. Best Regards Anthony Ward Anthony Ward is an AutoCAD operative from the North of England who studied at Northumbria University and has been writing in his spare time for a number of years. He has been published in a number of literary magazines including South, Neon Highway, Borderlines, Essence, and Perspectives amongst others.
Ward, Brandon
Wasilewski, Nells
Nells Wasilewski lives in Middle Tennessee with her husband. Walter. She is a lover of the bible and Jesus Christ. Her work has been greatly influenced by faith, nature and experience. Her work has appeared in Poetry Quarterly, Romance Magazine, Haiku Journal, Ruby for Women, and The Quiet Hour among others.
Webster, Greg
Kent UK. Scribbling words into noises.
Weed, Richard
I use the pen name "Quihadi" for poetry.
Wegner, Adele
Weisser, Elizabeth
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I received some encouraging feedback from a former writing professor, who suggested I try submitting to Haiku Journal. What I find most enjoyable when creating Haiku is that it is a layered word challenge in which images and possibilities become broader and more numerous even as the syllables remain the same. It is a form by which I can take friends’ advice to “start small.” Yet, I know that when I publish Haiku, the impact won’t be small. That fortifies my courage to share.
Welch, Donald
DCW3 lives in Allston, Massachusetts. His current project @SocialLit ( explores new forms of poetry derived from Social Media. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in PASSAGES NORTH, THE RAIN, PARTY, & DISASTER SOCIETY, CONCRETE, RARE BREED MAGAZINE, CATHARSIS, THE EMERSON REVIEW, and his collection of children’s poetry WHO GAVE THESE FLAMINGOS THOSE TUXEDOS? was published by Wilde Press in 2013. In his free time Donnie searches for the best Eggplant Parm sub.
Wells, Joseph
Joseph K. Wells is a businessman, doctor of occupational therapy, part-time professor and a few wannabes from time to time. A selection of his works is posted on
Wells, Sandra
Sandra Wells lives in Enumclaw, Washington with her three Yorkies, and her Blue Pionus, Matisse. Publishing credit include Babybug Magazine, a self-published YA novel, “The Dark Estate,” and several short-story fantasies for ballet company performances. She is most recently featured in Muddy River Poetry Review, Tanka Journal, Haiku Journal, and 50 Haikus. She is finishing her BA in English/Creative Writing at CWU, and loves to knit, cook, sew and secretly loves video games.
Wells-Quantrell, Ava Lauryn
Welsh, Chelsea

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