Snyder, Tammy
Spencer, James
I should have run away and joined the circus when I had the chance.
Spencer, Kim
kim lives in fort collins , colorado. she teaches elementary school, enjoys writing, and exploring nature.
Spencer, T.F.
Spina, Danny
Spitzenberger, Ray
Dear Editors of Haiku Journal, I am a free lance writer and artist who has published in numerous publications, including FOOD FOR THOUGHT (Haikus), THE PAWN REVIEW (poem), THE RED RIVER REVIEW (poems), TRY MAGAZINE (poems). GRIT MAGAZINE (non-fiction), HANDBOOK OF TEXAS (history), NEW AND EXPERIMENTAL WRITING (short story), and others. I hold a Doctor of Arts in English from the University of Michigan and a Master of Arts in English from the University of Houston. Below you will find three haikus, a series about Fall, Winter, Spring I wrote them today, February 22, 2018. My mailing address is P.O. Box 575, East Bernard, Texas 77435; Cell Phone, 979-533-3720; Email Address, Sincerely, Raymond (Ray) Spitzenberger
Sprafka, Robin
Sprague, Adam
Adam Sprague teaches English as a Second Language courses at Bowling Green State University. In his spare time, Adam enjoys writing fiction and poetry. His stories and poems have been published in several online and print publications. He also enjoys hiking and being outdoors with his wife, Tonia.
Stafford, Deb
Stansfield, Sharon
Stanworth, George
Performance poet based in Hertfordshire.
Stapleton, Jill
Jill Stapleton is a writer, reader, student and mom working in Hayward, California. Her work reflects her life as a foster/adopt mom raising two boys, a loving partner to an amazing man, her awe at the beautiful world around her, and occasionally the heartache of being alive, loving and flawed.
Starling, Ariel
Steed, Avery
Steele, Craig

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