McRae, Sandra S.
Sandra S. McRae teaches writing at Red Rocks Community College near Denver and her poems have appeared in many magazines. She lives in the Colorado Rockies with her family, two dogs, and the occasional bear. She is never bored.
Mead-Fowler, Margaret
Meador, Rob
Rob Meador is a musician and curriculum writer living in New York City.
Medina, CJ, Fr Daniel
Fr Daniel is a Husband, Father, Monk, an Independent Catholic Priest, Teacher, Educational Psychologist, Jazz drummer, Published writer, Poet, Deep dish pizza connoisseur, Amateur photographer, Urban gardener/farmer, Lyricist, Amateur Ensō artist, Zen practitioner, and Mandala maker.
Medsker, Joshua
Josh Medsker is a New Jersey writer, originally from Alaska. His work has appeared in many publications, including: OVS, The Review Review, Criminal Class Review, Everest, The Brooklyn Rail, Empty Mirror, and Penmen Review. Since 2001, he has published the literary magazine and blog, Twenty-Four Hours. (
Meeks, Carol
Meighan, Patrick
Patrick Meighan teaches a poetry workshop and composition courses at various places in New Hampshire. His poems, translations, and reviews have appeared in a dozen online and print journals.
Melton, Bill
My writing began in early grade school with poetry. I discovered haiku in a flight magazine in 1988 while flying to Hong Kong. I immediately began attempting haiku and one written on that flight was published in Issue 17 of Haiku Journal. Haiku imposes brevity in transforming a thought or event into a few syllables, something that has served me well over the years.
Melvin, John
My name is John. I am from England. I like haiku.
Menon, Praveen
Praveen Menon, Bangalore, India
Merrill, Robin
Mertz, Erick
TITLE: Eli, Beside Me On A Plane BIO: Portland writer, poet, filmmaker. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Mevorach, Amy
Meyer, Bradley
Meyer, Dayna Jessie

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