Miller, Dean
Dean K Miller, from Loveland, CO is an author, editor, poet, and freelance writer. His work has appeared in nearly 50 magazines, anthologies, and online. His seven books include two haiku books released in 2016. He is working on a children's haiku coloring book, a haiku collection, and one other poetry book. Learn more at
Mills, Andrew
Minnehan, Catherine
Mirbaghi, Arif
Arif Mirbaghi is a Canadian artist who lives & works in Toronto. He has traveled the world on the merits of music, often stumbling backward into the richness of human experience.
Mitchell, Elizabeth
E. L. Mitchell is a happily married writer with EDS owned by two cats. She loves to branch genres, write dark characters, read and create plot twists and overuse commas.
Mitchell, Felicia
Felicia Mitchell teaches at Emory & Henry College in Virginia, where one of her courses focuses on Basho and the haiku tradition. Her poems have appeared in various journals, and she is the author of two chapbooks, including THE CLEFT OF THE ROCK (Finishing Line Press, 2009). WALTZING WITH HORSES, a full-length collection, will be in published in Fall 2014 by Press 53.
Modica, Frank
Frank C Modica is a retired special education teacher. He likes history, Brussel Sprouts, dark beer, and asparagus. Since his retirement he volunteers with a number of arts and social service organizations in his community. His reading and writing is animated by interests in history, geography, religion/spirituality, and sociology. He currently lives in a university community, where he enjoys the various cultural opportunities that are available to him.
Moniz, Christopher
Montgomery, Jennifer
"'There are no such things as synonyms! he practically shouted. Deluge is not the same as flood.'"
Mooradian, Marguerite
Haikus from the city
Moore, Amber
Moore, Brandon
Aspiring poet and writer.
Moore, Garth
I am a part-time writer currently living in Washington, DC. I have been reading poetry and haiku since college, but swore off writing for just reading (and working) until I picked writing back up in 2009. My website is at
Moore, Jared
Moore, Laura
Fortunately, writing’s not like becoming a ballet dancer or a gymnast. You can start exactly when the inspiration hits you. In fact, you really can’t start before that. When it happens, it happens. It all began for me a decade ago and now... I’m an SCBWI member and avid workshop and conference attendee. I belong to Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens. I regularly have my manuscripts hammered and tweaked by the wise and honest writers of the Wednesday critique group. I work at a public library where I shuffle books all day, blog and teach writers’ workshops for adults and teens.

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