Maheshwari, Adhar
Adhar Maheshwari is a poet, photographer and musician. He lives in New Delhi, India.
Mahoney, Matthew
Maier, Carl
Malesa, Natalia
Natalia Malesa is a Doctor of Pharmacy candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. She has degrees in both English literature and information science and previously worked as a youth librarian. Her writing often melds her humanities and science backgrounds.
Malik, Vyomi
Caught up in running the rat race by day, Vyomi loves to indulge in her love for poetry and story-telling by night. Writing of every kind is her daily spiritual routine as it helps her find her inner Zen. Her blog on poetry ‘’ was featured as one of the top 16 poetry blogs in India by in 2015. Vyomi is an internationally published poetess with her Haiku’s published in Haiku journal Issue -37 and 47 (Prolific Press). Her poems and short stories have also been published by She also writes articles on parenting for CuriousCobo and Indian Moms Connect. She has also been recently been interviewed by as one of their featured English authors.
Malone, Zachary
Amitai Zachary Malone has been fascinated by the haiku form since he was a lay monk at Tassajara at age 18. Since then the enjoyment, study and writing of haiku has remained a consistent passion. He currently works as an archivist, editor, publisher and web developer, living in Colorado, and is currently training as a psychotherapist.
Maloney, Ian
Ian S. Maloney teaches writing and literature at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. He is the Director of the St. Francis College Literary Prize.
Maltez, Kevin
Manchester, Rbert
member of Newbury, NH Poets group
Mann, Rob J
Prodigious procrastinator, periodical poet, and cryptic composer of contemporary compost.
Manus, Grady
Grady holds an MFA in writing from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. He and his wife live on 24 acres of woods where they spend time writing, hiking, and enjoying family.
Marbut, Damon
Damon Ferrell Marbut is author of the coming-of-age novel Awake in the Mad World and the poetry collection Little Human Accidents, releasing September 1st. He lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Margo, Matt
Matt Margo is the author of WHEN EMPURPLED (Pteron Press, 2011) and TWO TITLES (white sky books, 2011). His work has appeared in such places as WEST WIND REVIEW, NEW WAVE VOMIT, REM MAGAZINE, and OTOLITHS. He currently resides in northeastern Ohio.
Marrone, Mark
I am Mark Marrone I enjoy writing haiku I hope you like them
Marshall, Jake
Jake Marshall was born in Beaufort, South Carolina to two U.S. Marine Force Veterans. Also, a great grandson to Italian and German grandparents. As a young boy, Jake experienced many family issues growing up. After failing to finish his college education, he moved back to Pontiac Illinois to work for a family business. Shortly after, Jake suffered a setback and experienced many mental health issues including anxiety and depression. Jake now uses those experiences to help shape his beliefs towards improving younger athletes inside and outside of his gym. His poetry helps to connect his deeper side while attempting to portrait his views on his personal development and the experiences he’s shared. Jake Marshall is a certified personal trainer and professional photographer( living in Naperville Illinois.

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