Lavalette, Ron.
Ron. Lavalette is a very widely-published poet living on the Canadian border in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, land of the fur-bearing lake trout and the bilingual stop sign. His work, both poetry and short prose, has appeared extensively in journals, reviews, and anthologies ranging alphabetically from Able Muse and the Anthology of New England Poets through the World Haiku Review and Your One Phone Call. A reasonable sample of his published work can be viewed at EGGS OVER TOKYO:
Lavelle, Angeline
Bio: Angeline Lavelle is a poet from Pittsburgh and a Seton Hill University graduate. Her work has appeared in magazines including The Blue Hour, Haiku Journal, and Eskimo Pie.
Lawrence, T.K.
Aspiring novelist, poet, and editor. Writes about reading and all things bookish at ; has had poetry published at Space and Time Magazine.
Leach, Denise
Leach, Michael
Michael J. Leach is a health researcher and wordsmith. Michael is currently completing a PhD in Pharmacy, working as a freelance academic editor/proofreader, and pursuing a long-term interest in creative writing. His creative writing, including poetry, has been published in The Medical Journal of Australia, The Copperfield Review, A New Ulster, and Medical Humanities. He lives in Central Victoria, Australia.
LeBeau, Mary Delle
Mary Delle lived in Russia for four years in the amazing Moscow years of the 1990s.
Lee, Daphne
Lee-Byrd, Candace
Leipelt, Brendan
Leonard, Pete
Middle-aged husband, father, grandfather puzzling over the intricacies of creation.
Leppla, Christen
Christen Leppla is a graduate student at Northern Kentucky University where she will soon complete a Master's in English. She is currently Poetry Editor for the Licking River Review.
Leslie, Stephen
Stephen W. Leslie has written haiku and haibun poetry for ten years. He has been published by Contemporary Haibun Online and World Haiku Review. He is a hospice chaplain in upstate New York and is grossly overeducated.
Lethalm, Harley
Harley Lethalm lives on the Nor'Eastrn drag; smokes cheapy nighttime cigarillos and points out his innumerable deficiencies to the mirror - or to anyone else who will listen.
Levine, Bruce
Bruce Levine, a native Manhattanite, has spent his life as a writer of fiction and poetry and as a music and theatre professional. He’s published on and in numerous internet and print journals including Bookends Review, Dual Coast Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Friday Flash Fiction, Literally Stories, Poetry Pacific, Poetry Quarterly and Visitant and he´s the author of the novellas, Reinvented and An Accidental Journey. He lives with his wife, actress Lydia Franklin, and their rescued Australian Shepherd, Daisy. He invites you to visit him at
Lewis, Rachel

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